Welcome to the Lansing Kewadin Casino blog

You’ve no doubt heard the news: On Jan. 19, 2012, the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians announced plans to build a new casino in Michigan’s capital city — Lansing.

This new casino is excellent news — both for Michigan and for the Sault tribe. It will create 1,500 permanent jobs at the property and more than 700 construction jobs. It generate about $6 million or more a year in revenue sharing payments to the city of Lansing, enough to create the Lansing Promise to guarantee four-year college scholarships for every graduate of the Lansing School District who resides in the district.

Meanwhile, the Tribe will use the casino revenues to improve programs and services to members, including health care, education, housing, elder care, social services, and more. In addition, 10 percent of the revenues will be deposited into the Tribe’s Self Sufficiency Fund that benefits elders and future investments.

But with the opening of a new casino comes many questions. That’s why we’ve launched this blog — to answer any questions you may have to the best of our ability. Check back regularly for the latest updates about the casino — you can also sign up to receive a notice every time the blog is updated by using the “follow” link to the right.

This blog is owned and operated by the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians.



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16 responses to “Welcome to the Lansing Kewadin Casino blog

  1. Michael

    Ok I was reading the artical and it said a union would run this casino would that affect the rest of the tribes casinos or no

    • Michael,

      The answer is unknown really right now. We will be using union workers to construct the casino. If a union will form at the casino is yet to be determined. The Tribe will not stop any union organizing at Kewadin Lansing.

      Thank you.

  2. mike

    Who are the people ( names ) behind Lasing Future?

    • Mike,

      Lansing Future, LLC is owned by Jerry Campbell.

      Thank you!

      • mike

        Can you give us some background on Jerry Campbell?

      • You bet!

        Jerry Campbell founded Lansing Future, LLC and Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of HomeBancorp Inc., the bank holding company of HomeBanc N.A., headquartered in Tampa, Florida. He previously served as Chairman of the Board of Citizens Republic Bancorp Inc. and Chairman of the Board of Citizens Wealth Management. Campbell also previously held the position of Chairman of the Board of Republic Bancorp Inc. since it was organized, in addition to serving as the company’s Chief Executive Officer from April 1986 to January 2000. From April 1986 to January 1996, he also served as President of Republic.

        Campbell’s background includes extensive involvement in higher education. He taught at Wayne State University, serving as an instructor of finance, banking and investment courses. Campbell also held a position on the Board of Trustees of Central Michigan University for 12 years, serving as Chairman of the Board for a four-year term. He has also contributed to the University of Michigan by serving on the Dean’s Visiting Committee for the Business School.

        Campbell’s track record in business and in various local communities, in addition to the jobs created as a result of Campbell’s entrepreneurial efforts, is a track record that is a tremendous asset to this project as he assists the Sault Tribe in their efforts to grow and provide for its members. Campbell received the Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Inc. Magazine in 1993.

      • mike

        I guess I should of been more specific. I would like his background with the sault tribe, pertaining to greektown.

      • Jerry Campbell was neither an owner nor a manager of the Greektown casino. The Tribe first became acquainted with Mr. Campbell because he was on member of a group of investors who explored purchasing a part of Greektown in 2008. That proposed transaction was never finalized because of the Greektown bankruptcy, but the Tribe has stayed in contact with Mr. Campbell since that time.

  3. Tom

    Have any current or past Board members or Chairmen of the Sault Ste. Mariue tribe of Chippewa Indians received any money or other amenities from this project? What Board member(s) initiated the development of this project and what was the date of that initial meeting?

  4. Marcia

    Hi I am a MSU student studying the opening casino in lansing. Can I know according to your analysis, who will be the most profitable and frequent consumer in the casino, residents, tourists or others? And about what age and how’s their finance condition? Can you provide a little bit more detailed consumer profile?

  5. Marcia

    one more question, is Lansing government going to spend all its revenue collected from this casino ( I mean the 2% of the casino revenue) to build the Lansing Promise Program? Or just a part of it? And if it is just a part of it, how is the percentage.

  6. Jane

    When will you be looking at interviews and hiring for management and other positions, and what is the best way to stay on top of those notices?

    • Jane,

      We will not start this process until the casino project is actually approved by the Department of Interior. We are unsure how long this may take. The best bet is to stay in touch on this blog or on the Sault Tribe website or facebook page. Thanks!

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