Fast Facts: This is not Greektown

The Sault Tribe Board of Directors is committed to providing tribal members with complete and accurate information about the Tribe’s proposed Kewadin Lansing casino.


Kewadin Lansing will be a Native American casino, not another Greektown. It will be owned and operated by the Tribe, exactly like our Kewadin Casinos in the U.P. It will not be like Greektown Casino-Hotel, which was regulated by the State of Michigan and taxed at a very high rate of nearly 30% at times.

Greektown Casino was a disaster. The Lansing casino project is not another Greektown Casino. Like the vast majority of tribal members, the Sault Tribe Board of Directors is not interested in, and would strongly oppose, another Greektown Casino. The entire board realizes mistakes were made with Greektown Casino and they have all worked hard to ensure thatLansingis not and will never be another Greektown.

  • Kewadin Lansing will be regulated by the National Indian Gaming Commission, not the Michigan Gaming Control Board like Greektown was.
  • Kewadin Lansing will not pay the high taxes the Detroit casinos pay.  Greektown at times paid nearly 30% in taxes to the city and state.
  • Kewadin Lansing will not pay an annual $8 million regulatory fee to the Michigan Gaming Control Board.
  • In Detroit, the Tribe was forced to build an unprofitable 400-room hotel. InLansing, we are not building a hotel.
  • In Detroit, the Tribe paid all costs related to the project, including paying all expenses related to getting the casino approved. In Lansing, the only cost we are responsible for during the approval process is buying the land. The developer is paying the $10 million it will cost to get the project approved. The Tribe will only incur additional costs for theLansingcasino if it is approved by the federal government and we move into construction. At that point, the Tribe and the developer will secure financing for the project. Bottom line: Kewadin Lansing will have FAR less debt than Greektown did. 

We NEED the additional revenueLansingwill provide.

Please get the facts before you vote – visit our website at and click on the red “Lansing Facts” button or talk with your unit representative.  Vote YES on the Lansing Casino Referendum!



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4 responses to “Fast Facts: This is not Greektown

  1. William Baker

    Board members tell me revenues have flat lined in the five casinos in the U.P..

    • William,

      The amount of money that the casinos have been able to give the tribe has been the same, but the need for services has increased. In addition, with added competition, revenues at the casinos have maintained but have not drastically increased giving the tribe the need for an additional revenue stream.

      Thank you.

  2. Jeff Gill

    How can I recieve information on future employment oppertunities at this casino?

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