Fast Facts: Trust Land & Elder Checks

The Sault Tribe Board of Directors is committed to providing tribal members with complete and accurate information about the Tribe’s proposed Kewadin Lansing casino.


If trust status is not granted for the land inLansingwhere the casino would be built, the City of Lansinghas agreed to purchase the land back from the Tribe for the amount the Tribe paid to buy it. To legally qualify for trust status for gaming, the Tribe must purchase the land in Lansing where the proposed casino would be built. In fact, to secure trust status, the Tribe specifically must use interest from the Self Sufficiency Fund to buy the land, as stated in our federal Land Claim Settlement Act. If the Tribe’s application to place the land into trust does not succeed, the City of Lansing has agreed to buy the land back from the Tribe for the original purchase price. Bottom line: the Tribe will not lose money on the land purchase. The first parcel of land in Lansing will cost $280,000. The second and final parcel will cost $960,000.

Elder checks from the Self Sufficiency Fund will continue without interruption and will not be affected by the purchase of the land inLansing. Before we close on the purchase of the land, funds will be secured and deposited into the Self Sufficiency Fund to protect the elder checks.

The Tribe needs the additional revenueLansingwill provide!

Please get the facts before you vote – visit our website at and click on the red “Lansing Facts” button or talk with your unit representative. Vote YES on the Lansing Casino Referendum!


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