At A Glance

  • Temporary casino: about 15,000 square feet of gaming space (350 to 500 slot machines)
  • Permanent casino: about 125,000 square feet of gaming space (up to 3,000 slot machines and 48 table games)
  • Total project footprint: about 279,000 square feet (to be built adjacent to the Lansing Center at Cedar Street and Michigan Avenue, downtown Lansing)
  • Total project budget: about $245 million ($135 million for the casino, $65 million for parking decks, $45 million for slot machines/tables/related equipment and technology)
  • Estimated annual revenues: $250 million
  • Estimated 1,500 full-time jobs at the casino
  • Estimated 700 construction jobs
  • Construction timeline: 14-18 months to build the casino and the parking decks after groundbreaking
  • About 2,900 parking spots in two decks (400-space garage to be built along the east side of the Lansing Center at Michigan and Cedar; 2,500-space garage to be built north of Cooley Law School Stadium)
  • Design theme: urban modern
  • Assorted bars and restaurants
  • “Comp” program to support existing local restaurants, bars and other possible partners

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